Welcome to Northwest Colorado. Rich in history and western tradition, this remote area captures and inspires the outdoorsman’s spirit and invites you back year after year. This page will provide you with the details about our location and environment.


  • Steamboat Springs is 6,795 feet above sea level.
  • Surrounding mountains rise to more than 11,000 feet.
  • According to weather records from the past 80 years, Steamboat has the least variable weather pattern of any place in Colorado.
  • January is typically Steamboat’s coldest month, hitting an average high of 29°. To date, Steamboat’s coldest recorded temperature is -54° on Jan. 7, 1913.
  • July is typically Steamboat’s warmest month, hitting an average high of 83°. Steamboat’s record hot day was Aug. 26, 1948, when the temperature reached 98°.
  • Local snowfall ranges from 170 to 450 inches per year.  The Steamboat Ski Area receives an average of 310 inches annually.  Downtown Steamboat averages 173 inches annually. A new snowfall record was set with 489 inches measured at mid mountain in 2008.

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